Do your 2024 travel plans follow the projected trends for the year? A survey by found that in 2024, travelers will be looking to get away from the stress and the noise of daily routines and find their sense of calm while enjoying nature and fresh air. 

Even more interesting evidence shows that the younger Gen Z and Millennial generations are drawn to experience the outdoors through RV travel. Social Media influencers have a lot to do with this uptick in interest! It seems everyone enjoys the sense of freedom that comes with traveling. And the younger “digital nomad” workers enjoy the flexibility of working on the road. They are also very environmentally minded

The RV industry is taking notice of all of this and responding by innovating RVs to meet the needs of the modern traveler. Here’s what to watch for!

Eco-Friendly Travel

Today’s travelers are looking for more environmentally friendly equipment for their adventures. These needs support the growing trends of RVs with solar-powered systems, energy-efficient appliances, and eco-friendly materials. These green technologies will help campers accomplish their goals of responsible and sustainable travel.

Lightweight and Compact RVs

Since one big trend in camping will be more remote locations, smaller and more lightweight campers are becoming a more popular option. These more compact trailers are easy to maneuver off-grid, where more adventurers want to go in the upcoming years.

Design also meets function in these smaller RVs. They are built to maximize space, so they still offer comfort during trips. Things like foldable furniture help make the spaces practical.

Electric RVs

As with the broader motor industry, electric options are becoming even more popular, and manufacturers are stepping up to meet the demand. This fuel alternative will make RVs more eco-friendly with less emissions, quieter, and more cost-effective to operate.

If you’re looking for an electric RV, keep in mind that the infrastructure to sustain electric RV travel is still developing. RV parks and campgrounds are slowly installing charging stations, so it’s a good idea to make sure your destination is prepared to charge your camper. The work toward upgrading batteries and charging systems will also help keep electric-powered RVs on the road for longer trips, so keep an eye out for those advancements.

Smart Technology

Give your RV the true comfort of home with smart home automation systems! Smart tech for RVs will become more available in the next year, giving travelers more convenience and safety on the road with functions like changing the temperature and lights and arming the security systems- all from your smartphone. These can be both app and voice-controlled.  

Technology to enhance your wifi connectivity on the road is growing as well. This increased seamless internet connection can enhance both work and entertainment purposes. This will also give RV owners more security with remote monitoring systems and real-time alerts, so you always know the status of your camper.

Happy Camping!

If you plan on purchasing a new RV or upgrading your current rig in 2024, these are some great features to look for.

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