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When you call your RV home for an extended period, you definitely want to make sure it feels like, well…home. Clutter, worn-out interiors, and bare-bones RV gear can quickly ruin life on the road. So, if you are spending a week, a season, or even the next chapter of your life in a motorhome, you’ll want to do everything you can to be sure your crew is comfy and your interior space is organized, clean, and cozy. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to minimize RV chaos and maximize comfort and safety on the road. And there are lots of cool gear and gadgets to make the unavoidable RV maintenance chores (we see you, black tank) simpler and cleaner, too.

We’ve scoured the web for upgrades and gadgets that will make a huge difference in your long-haul RV life.

RV Essentials for a Comfortable Trip: 

1) A fabulous mattress: Don’t skimp when it comes to your sleep! Your RV should be your personal 5-star hotel. We’ve seen rave reviews for RV Mattress’s penthouse-worthy Aurora Luxe, but plenty of other cushy mattresses are out there at lower price points, like this gem from Costco. When in doubt? Splurge on a thicker, cushier mattress. Your body and your brain will thank you. Pro tip: Consider upgrading the bedding in the kids’ sleeping spaces too, so bedtime in the RV is something everyone looks forward to.

2) Wireless propane or water tank sensor: the highly rated Mopeka Pro disc sensor is magnetized to attach easily to the bottom of your propane tank. Or, use the simple mounting kit to attach the Mopeka to the bottom of your gray or freshwater tanks. Then, the Mopeka Pro will use sonar to let you know just how much is left in the tank via a handy app on your phone. Ingenious, right?

3) See-through bins: Try this six-piece stackable set of clear plastic bins for your RV fridge or cabinets or this lineup of handy 30-quart bins for clothing or gear.

4) Wireless RV backup camera: Come on, admit it: reverse is every RV owner’s least favorite gear. Luckily, fantastic high-res backup cameras like this Furrion will squash your RV parking anxieties once and for all. Check out other options here.

5) RV sewer clear elbow adapter: This clever “stinky slinky” fits securely into your dump station connection so you can see when your sewer hose has finished the job. Don’t worry about the nickname: the connection is odor-tight.

6) Outdoor folding table: Dining al fresco is just one of the many perks of RV life, but you can’t always count on a campground — or the great outdoors — to provide extra surface area for food prep or serving. This folding table is a great idea, especially if you’ve got a sizable crew. It serves as a buffet, a bar, or a place for gaming as the sun goes down. Need something a little more compact? Try this perennial camping fave from Coleman.

7) Magne Shade RV shading system: If you’re a summer RVer, you already know RVs heat up faster than your microwave. A shade system is a great way to protect interiors from fading and keep your RV cool and comfy in brutal heat. This powerful magnet-powered shade system is a fave of many RV owners and is designed to custom-fit your rig’s vehicle glass. And it’s sag- and stretch-free!

8) Folding shelves: Speaking of folding, we love these compact folding shelves that are easy to install in any RV.

Happy Camping!

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