The freedom and adventure of RV living come with a significant challenge- how to maximize the small space for storage. 

While Tetris champions might have this easily figured out, here’s a guide to take the puzzle out of packing for the rest of us.

Plan Your RV Packing

A little bit of planning goes a long way. This is the time to be selective and strategic. Determine what items you need for daily living and consider their frequency of use. Prioritize items that you’ll get more use out of and will make your trip more comfortable. It helps to make a list and then stick to it! Sorry, your ceramic duck collection might not make the cut.

Vertical Space

What are the overhead storage options in your RV? If you don’t have overhead cabinets or shelves, installing some could help. A few easier vertical solutions are hanging organizers, wall-mounted racks, and hooks. These are great options for storing light items like kitchen utensils, spices, hats, jackets, and bags. 

RV Furniture

There’s a great range of RV furniture optimized for saving space. Some pieces are multipurpose, so you need less furniture in the RV’s small space. Some sofas and beds have built-in storage under them. There are also foldable tables with storage compartments.

Kitchen Storage

One of the best ways to save space in an RV kitchen is to look for compact items. There are collapsible cookware and tableware sets, as well as nesting sets. Magnetic racks and containers can make tidy space for spices and more on walls, in cabinets, and on the refrigerator. 

Baskets and Bins

Storage bins in many sizes will help keep your belongings organized and your space clean. Baskets and smaller bins can be used in all cabinets, the refrigerator, and under furniture. Choose bins with wheels for under sofas and beds for easy access. Dining benches can be lifted open for storage or have pull-out drawers. Don’t forget dividers for extra organization in larger bins or for smaller items.

Closet Space

Give your closet space a boost with slim, space-saving hangers. Vertical multi-garment hangers are a great way to take advantage of vertical space in your closets. Hanging shoe organizers can store more than just your shoes. They’re the perfect place to hold scarves, hats, and accessories as well. 

Decluttering Your RV

Set a schedule for a regular decluttering routine to keep your RV organized and tidy. You might find you don’t use some items you thought you needed. And you may collect new things along your trip. Regularly reassess your RV belongings and consider donating or discarding things you haven’t been using. 

Bonus Tip: Pack evenly- front to back, side to side. Think about how to balance the weight of your gear and goods throughout your RV to protect it from tire blow-outs and sway. 

Happy Camping

Make the most of your limited space without losing the comfort of home. Keep your RV organized with these storage tips. 

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