It’s easy to get excited about RV life and the adventures on your list, but it’s important to know what type of RV is best for you and your travels. 

Before you invest in your home on wheels, read our quick RV guide and see which type is a good fit.

Motorized RVs


Class A Motorhome


The largest of the RVs are the Class A Motorhomes, ranging from about 30-40 ft long. These big boys are built like commercial trucks and buses and offer the most spacious living and travel options. They can have multiple slide-outs, residential-sized appliances, ample exterior storage, and even multiple bathrooms. 

The Class A RV is considered the best RV to live in, as it can sleep up to 8 people. It even has a high tow capacity to haul your car or boat wherever you go.

Class B Motorhome


The smallest of the motorhomes is the Class B RV. These conversion vans are about 17 to 19 ft long and are great for a weekend getaway for up to four people. While the Class B doesn’t come with slide-outs or substantial length, these RVs can still come with a small kitchen, toilet, and water tank. 

This RV is considered easy to maneuver and fuel-efficient, and ready to mount your bikes and kayaks.

Class C Motorhome


The mid-sized Class C Motorhome is distinguishable by its over-cab extension that usually serves as a sleeping or storage area. These RVs range in size from about 20 to 30 ft long and can come with slide-outs for wonderful space and design.

This is a great option for both short and long trips and can sleep up to eight people.  

Towable RVs

Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are non-motorized RVs that require a vehicle, usually a truck or SUV, to tow them. This means your vehicle needs to be equipped with a tow package, an anti-sway hitch, and have the right towing capacity for the size of your trailer. 

These RVs come in a range of sizes. The larger travel trailers can be up to 30 ft long, with slide-outs and many amenities of the larger motorhomes. 

Teardrop Trailer

The smallest, and dare we say cutest, of the towable travel trails is the teardrop trailer. The lightweight, aerodynamic builds can be towed by car. The tiniest teardrops function as a dry place to sleep with a kitchen under the back hatch. Some can be big enough for a small kitchen in the cabin.

Fifth Wheel Trailer

The Fifth Wheel trailer is a popular RV because it offers a lot of space in a shorter tow length. This is because it has a raised extension that rests over and connects to the bed of the truck towing it. These RVs can come with slide-outs and can be quite comfortable for longer trips.

Pop-Up Camper

A staple in family camping trips is the pop-up camper or folding camping trailer. This hard base on wheels features tent-like sides that pop up to create a family-friendly camping experience off the ground. These come in lightweight and aerodynamic models that can be towed by the family vehicle.

Happy Camping!

With such a range of RV options, any adventure is possible! Use this guide to start in the right direction for choosing an RV that meets your travel needs.

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