If wanderlust lives in your soul, it doesn’t go away when you have kids. And it shouldn’t! Parents who take their kids on travel adventures are not just getting quality family time. They’re also building their little ones’ independence, confidence, creativity, and social development.

Taking your kiddos with you on an RV trip can be a bit more complicated than a romantic getaway, but it is so worth it and fairly easy to navigate with a few simple tips. 

Side note: If you haven’t had a chance to hit the road in an RV yet, look at the basics in our blog for first-timers.

1) Pick the Right RV

Here’s a great guide to the different types of RVs and how to choose the right travel trailer for your family’s needs. A great first step is figuring out what kind of sleeping arrangements you’ll need—full bunks vs convertible spaces. Do you need a full kitchen? RV rentals are a great way to test the waters with different RV types before you invest in the camper that will serve your family vacations for years to come. 

2) Short, Planned Travel Days

If you stick to shorter driving times, the drive will be much easier for your kids and you. Map out multiple stops at bigger travel center gas stations to let everyone stretch and run off some energy. Make sure everyone at least “tries” to potty at each stop so you don’t find yourself stopping at a less family-friendly station with a less RV-friendly (smaller) parking lot.

3) Safe Seating

Seatbelts and car seat rules still apply in an RV! Keep your littles buckled up and safe on the road with forward-facing seating, proper seat belts, and car seat latches. Or keep everyone in the car and tow your camper.

4) Plan Together

Include your kids in the planning process to get them excited about the trip! Read about the destination together and pick out activities. Teach them camping etiquette and give them a job to do in setting up camp. 

5) Don’t Forget Your Reservations! 

Campgrounds take reservations in advance, and many sites fill up fast. Make sure you’re reserving your spot at least 6 months out. 

Bonus: What site is right for your family stay? A lot of travelers can handle more primitive campsites, but when traveling with kids, electric hookups might make things a little easier.

6) Stock up! 

It’s a great idea to pack your RV with extra blankets and towels, sturdy, reusable dishes instead of disposables (BPA-free plates, bowls, and cups are great!), soap, cleaning supplies, a first aid kit, easy snacks, and camping meals. 

7) Activities

Remember that kids need a mix of routines and unstructured play. Plan some downtime instead of packing your trip full of scheduled activities. Bring a rug or mat to set up an outdoor play space and a bin of outdoor toys like blocks, games, and insect observation gear. Keep them occupied when you have to spend time inside the RV, too. Puzzles, coloring books, crayons, books, and tablets are perfect for a rainy vacation day.

Happy Camping!

Give your kids the gift of travel without overwhelming yourself on the way. As always, a little bit of planning makes a huge difference. 

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