Getting your RV out on the road for the first time can be an intimidating experience. Following the advice of seasoned RV travelers helps! 

Here are five tips to take the anxiety out of your first RV adventure:

1- Join Online RV Communities

Don’t be afraid to make RV friends! For this, online forums and Facebook groups are the way to go. Not only do these offer great travel and camping advice, but you can also connect with some really great people to help make your new adventures much less daunting. 

The RV community is very inviting, and you’ll find these online groups are more than willing to answer any questions you may have while planning and help you out if you get into a bind on the road. You might even find long-lasting travel buddies!

2- Get To Know Your RV Gear

First, make sure you have your RV outfitted with all the gear you need for functioning electricity, water, septic, and emergencies. Check out our Essential Gear Guide if you haven’t already! Then, make sure you (and everyone in your adventuring party) know how to hook it all up and get it working!

Knowing your rig will save you from possible accidents and major headaches. Are you towing a trailer? You need to know your tow limits and hitch. And whatever your camper type, you need to learn how to handle your tail swing.

Many people are surprised to learn that camper supplies are different from a lot of home supplies. Don’t bring your regular toilet paper or cleaning sprays! Make sure your supplies are RV and camper-specific.

3- Make A Plan

For everything! This will ensure your crew is sharing the workload and will prevent tension along your path. Who is in charge of doing what during camp setup? What’s the assignment schedule for tackling the dump station? Are kids coming along on the trip? Give them a task as well!

Checklists are a wonderful way to divvy up the work and the packing, making sure you are fully prepared to have the best RV trip ever. 

BUT! In all your planning, don’t forget to plan some crucial downtime. Pencil in time to rest, check out the local spots, and just enjoy yourself. That’s what your vacation is all about, after all.

4- Avoid Driving At Night

Driving after dark presents a range of problems. It decreases visibility and increases the risk of wildlife on the road. If you break down or have an accident, it will be harder to get help. And likely, any nearby auto parts and service shops will be closed until morning. Play it safe and plan on arriving at your campsite before the sun sets.

And on that note, you don’t want to set up camp in the dark, not for your first RV trip or even your 10th run. Make sure you give yourself enough daylight time to get settled in without stress.

5- Pick The Right Campsite 

Expert RVers give this advice for your first RV trip: make a reservation at a private campground for a pull-thru site close to home in a familiar area. Your first outing is basically for practice, so do this first to make sure you’re ready for a real trip. 

Why private? These campgrounds have managers on site that can help you with any RV issues you might encounter as a newbie. National and State parks can’t always give you that kind of help. 

Pull-thru sites are best until you are comfortable backing in your rig. Practice is a must, of course, but take advantage of not having to do it at first.

Even with the checklists and planning, you’ll probably forget something. Being close to home and knowing you can make a run back to the house if you need to takes so much pressure off the trip. Or, if you’re at least in a familiar area, you know the stores around you if you need to make a shopping run for what was not packed or planned for.

Happy Camping!

With these tips from experienced RVers, you can be ready to get your new RV on the road for the first time. Have a fun and safe adventure!

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