RVs are a lot of fun, but let’s face it: They rarely leave the factory with exciting decor. In fact, motorhomes and travel trailers are notorious for their super-blah interiors and dull exteriors. Fortunately, all that blah makes for a perfect blank canvas for RV owners. These days, there are thousands of DIY RV decor options that can take your RV from drab to fab in no time at all. 

After all, your RV is your home sweet home on wheels, and it should feel as colorful, cozy, and personal as your stationary nest. Even if you’re just a weekend or summer RVer, decorating your rig in your favorite style can maximize your on-the-road happiness. 

We’ve compiled a list of interior and exterior decor ideas and products guaranteed to take your RV from meh to marvelous.


Dream a theme: 


Feeling less than creative? Choose a fun theme for your RV decor to inspire you and inform your decor decisions each step of the way so your finished result is a unified look that makes sense. You can easily search for decor items by theme on sites like Etsy, Wayfair, Amazon, and Target. Popular themes for RVs include nautical, Wild West, modern farmhouse, bohemian, and rustic, as well as specific design inspo like maps or a favorite animal. Your theme could also be souvenirs, like framed postcards and local art from your RV travels!


Change up the cushions and curtains


If you’re handy, sew new curtains and covers for seats and loose cushions. If sewing is not your thing, have your interior upholstery and cushions redone by a local pro. Etsy is also a great place to connect with talented folks who specialize in stitching RV items like these custom RV curtain sets and colorful floral dinette covers.


Paint (and paper) away the blah


Who says you have to keep that beige, boring interior? Your RV deserves some color, and it’s easy to create a fresh new look by painting cabinets, trim, and interior walls. You might be surprised to know that you can make those boring RV countertops disappear, too, with spray-on stone paint. That’ll get you the look of high-end granite counters at a fraction of the cost. You can also jazz up the exterior of your RV with a simple racing stripe or painted design. Peel-and-stick wallpaper and flooring are also quick fixes to a bland RV interior.


Delightful decals:


A quick way to punch up your RV style? Cute vinyl decals and high-grade stickers like this charming wildflower design or this personalized welcome sticker. We also love this moose-and-bear-powered canoe and this US photo map decal. If you like the look of racing stripes but don’t have the courage to paint, you can even buy an easy-to-install stripe kit for your rig.


Swap out stock hardware


All those RV cupboards, cabinets, and drawers are easy to upgrade with pretty new pulls, handles, and knobs. Go with colored glass knobs and pulls for a vintage cottage look, or black matte for an on-trend modern farmhouse vibe. Or try a woodsy look with these adorable bear knobs.


Upgrade your bedding and towels


Create a 5-star hotel vibe with premium mattress toppers, sweet sheets, and a gorgeous blanket or comforter like this one. While you’re at it, add a few throw pillows and lap blankets to the RV’s main living area, and replace your ratty old towels with a plush new set. Instant luxe!


Be art-smart


Hang your favorite art in your RV, but try not to screw or nail into your RV interior walls if you can help it. We like this clever no-drill guide to hanging decor items in an RV.


Mix up your lighting


Did you know you can hide those unsightly RV overhead lights with fabric chandeliers like this one and this one? It’s also fun to stash some flameless candles for an inviting nighttime ambiance. Solar and electric string lights are also a fun way to create a festive atmosphere inside and outside the RV.


Need more RV decor inspiration? Check out these links: 



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