Got a dog on board? Traveling by RV with your canine best friend doesn’t have to be complicated. With just a little planning and forethought, your dog will enjoy RV life just as much as you and your human crew. 

We’ve put together a guide to some gear and gadgets we love that will keep your dog safe, healthy, and happy while you’re on the road. Happy trails!

Safety first:Waggle Temperature Monitor 

The temperature inside a parked RV or automobile can quickly rise to alarming temperatures, which is an extremely dangerous situation for any dog left behind in a motorhome. Many dogs die yearly from heatstroke and heat-related illness, so a temperature monitor like Waggle is a wise purchase if your dog travels with you. The Waggle’s sensor monitors ambient temperature, humidity, and the power status in your vehicle when you’re not there. If the monitor senses any shift in conditions, you’ll receive instant text and email alerts.

Ruffwear Beacon Safety Light 

This waterproof, high-performance LED safety light for dogs keeps them out of harm’s way in low-light conditions or poor weather. The Beacon is extremely durable as well as rechargeable, with indicator lights to alert you when the battery’s running low.

RV Entry Door Screen Protector

Your RV crew can get pretty revved up about the gorgeous scenery — and so can your dog. An entry door screen protector is a smart addition to secure any RV with an excitable dog on board.

Youly Dog Flotation Jacket 

Even water-loving dogs like labs and retrievers can benefit from a bright, can’t-miss-it flotation jacket like this one. Adjustable clips allow for a perfect fit, and the top handle is there in case you need to quickly fetch your dog from harm’s way.

In case of emergency:

Health Record Card 

This card is a handy way to keep all your dog’s medical info at the ready should an emergency arise while traveling. Jot down your dog’s vet contact info and vaccine dates, along with your pet’s microchip number, and tuck it away in your RV in case your dog ever needs medical assistance on the road.

RV Rescue Pet Sign 


This high-visibility 4” x 4” Rescue Pet Sign fastens to the inside of your RV’s window with a suction cup to let others know that you have a companion animal inside that might need help in an emergency.

Fido Pro Emergency Dog Carrying Harness 

If your RV crew loves outdoor adventures, the vet-recommended Fido Pro Emergency Dog Carrying Harness is a smart piece of gear to have on hand. The harness is an easy-to-use rescue sling that allows you to transport an injured or immobile dog to safety in the case of an unfortunate event like a broken bone, heat exhaustion, a fall, a seizure, or a snake bite.

Top Performance MediStyp 

This handy powder works fast to stop broken nails or cuts from bleeding. The holder’s smart design means application is simple and comfortable for your dog.

For mealtime:

Sealable Dog Food Travel Bag 

Storage in an RV is limited, so leave the gigantic dog food bag at home and just bring the amount of food your dog will need for the duration of your trip. This large-capacity, collapsible nylon bag has a roll-down design with a perfect seal to keep food fresh and odors inside.

No-Spill Road Refresher Travel Bowl 

Dogs can make a real mess when drinking, and every mess feels bigger in an RV. Take along a no-spill travel bowl like this one to minimize splashes and soggy floors.

Tidify Travel Set 

The Tidify Travel Set is the perfect weekend-away dog bag. It comes packed with smart features, like two collapsible bowls, two dog food carrier bags, a water-resistant placemat, straps to hold a rolled blanket, and multiple pockets and compartments. It also includes a first-aid bag to hold medical supplies for your dog. The best part? It’s airline compliant and fits under a standard airline seat if your trip involves any air travel.

For outdoor adventures:

PupFlask Water Bottle 

For regular walks or long hikes, it’s great to take along this durable 27-ounce stainless-steel water bottle for your dog — and it doubles as a bowl. Just flip the clever silicone top, and presto, instant drinking cup for your best friend. 

PawTection Paw Protector 

PawTection creates a wax barrier that protects your dog’s tender paw pads from rough terrain, sand, salt, snow, and other challenging conditions. The balm is all-natural and nontoxic and works as a healing balm as well for scraped or cut pads.

Kurgo Big Baxter Backpack

Let your dog carry his own toys, treats, and water bottle on your next hike. The lightweight, ergonomic Big Baxter is especially suited to larger dogs between 50-110 pounds, with eight different adjustment points for a custom fit. The spine is padded for extra comfort, too.

Compostable Poop Bags 

Don’t be that guy. Be considerate to others and pick up your dog’s poop as you go. Disposing of canine waste is especially important near water, campsites, and well-traveled paths.

Poop Shovel 

Don’t want to pack out the poo? If you’re off the beaten path, you can bury your dog’s waste with a handy tool like this compact, lightweight aluminum trowel.

For petite pups:

Petsfit Pet Backpack Carrier 

If you’ve got a small dog who loves the scenery but gets swallowed by the terrain on hikes, this carrier is a game-changer. The backpack design is reinforced, so it won’t cave in on your dog. The comfy mat is removable for simple cleanups, and four mesh windows mean terrific visibility and plenty of air circulating for sniffing. Waist and chest buckles keep the shoulder straps from shifting and lighten the load. 

For senior dogs:

Extra Wide Dog Stairs 

If your dog is less than spry, these foldable aluminum stairs offer a gentle incline for easy in and out of your RV or vehicle. The stairs are non-slip and can support up to 250 pounds (and we’re guessing your dog won’t top that).

For anxious dogs:

Heavenly Hound Relaxation Squares 

If your dog is the anxious type, RV travel can be tricky, with so many strange sounds and unfamiliar sights. These herbal supplements can really take the edge off and help your pup relax and enjoy the ride.

For couch potatoes and heavy shedders:

Furhaven Furniture Protector 

This water-resistant, reversible seat protector is great for keeping RV upholstery fur-free and stain-free. It’s super snuggly and anchors securely under cushions to prevent slippage.

For roaming rovers:

Ruffwear Knot-a-Hitch Campsite Dog-Hitching System 

The Knot-a-Hitch is a savvy way to keep your curious canine close to camp. A swivel carabiner keeps the tie-out leash tangle-free but secure on the crossline. Set up the Knot-a-Hitch between two trees or a single post, and there’s no more worrying about your dog swiping the neighboring campsite’s hot dogs.

Halo Collar and GPS Wireless Dog Fence

Halo’s clever GPS system allows you to set up a virtual fence from its app, wherever you are. There’s no digging, no terrain restrictions, and no wires, and the system works for dogs of all ages and sizes. It’s the ideal containment and safety system for RV pups on the go.

For hot days:

Adjustable Cooling Bandana 

This nifty bandana comes in three sizes and features a special high-tech gel that keeps your dog cool and comfy. Just freeze the bandana before use, and your dog will be much happier in the heat.

Furhaven Velvet Waves Perfect Comfort Cooling Bed 

Wrap-around bolsters keep your dog feeling secure, while pressure-activated microgel beads in the high-grade memory foam absorb body heat and lower the temperature of the surface, ensuring comfortable sleep for your pup during brutal summer days. The cover zips off easily and is machine washable for quick, easy cleaning.

For rainy days:

Dog Raincoat

A reflective raincoat for your dog makes a rainy-day hike much more fun for both of you.

Dog Gone Smart Shammy Microfiber Absorbent Towel

This mighty microfiber towel is a must for any RV dog. For toweling off after a muddy walk or drying off after a much-needed bath, the Shammy will get your dog back to his fluffy self fast.

Pet Odor Exterminator Candle 

This sweetly scented cucumber and honeydew candle is formulated with enzymes that gobble up odors — like wet dog — in small spaces like RV cabins. (Just never leave a candle burning unattended!)

Happy tails!

These products are sure to get your dog’s tail wagging! Not only that, but you also get to enjoy a trip without extra bumps in the road. Stocking up on gadgets and gear for pets before an RV road trip guarantees a great time. 

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