1) Dreading talking politics with Uncle Morris and great-aunt Bessie? Guess what: We hereby grant you and your RV crew permission to opt out of the usual family drama and awkward social interactions. This year, retreat in your RV to a peaceful off-grid spot where no one will ask you who you’re voting for in 2024. (Be sure to send a “Wish You Were Here” postcard to Bessie from a faraway zip code when you stumble over a little civilization along the way.) 

Continental USA still too close for comfort? We hear ya. Maybe this is the perfect year to flee to Europe and rent an RV!

2) They don’t call it a toy hauler for nothing! Pack up all of Santa’s biggest presents in a travel trailer or fifth wheel. Then, head to a snowy or sunny holiday destination where everyone can enjoy their gifts right away. Kayaks, dirt bikes, skis, mountain bikes, stand-up paddleboards, surfboards, or fishing gear — no need to leave it under the tree or stash it away until summer when you’ve got an RV and a toy hauler ready to go. If you’re a “go big or go home” kind of RV family, an exciting ATV RV holiday might be just what Santa ordered. Need some RV stocking stuffers? These gifts are perfect for the RV lovers in your life.


3) Do Fido and Fluffy a solid this year: Skip the boarding kennel and the weird cat sitter and bring your furry family members along for a special holiday. Of course, you’ll want to be sure that they are good candidates for holiday travel — be sure to do a trial run if you haven’t traveled with your dog or cat before. Don’t forget to get them microchipped and vaxxed before you go! Here’s some helpful advice on RVing with your little besties.

4) Your tiny RV oven is the perfect excuse to order pizza or Chinese food to your campsite beside the ocean on your favorite holiday. Undaunted by your petite RV kitchen? Here’s a sampling of some very RV-friendly holiday menus.


5) Avoid the seasonal risk of electrocution and falling off your roof: Skip the holiday lighting chaos and keep your RV decor merry, minimal, and bright. RV pro holiday tip: snag inexpensive holiday decor from the nearest dollar store, then donate it to a charity on the road. No storage, no fuss. Another super eco-friendly option: Decorate your RV with only natural decor like pine or spruce branches, paper stars or chains, or popcorn or dried fruit — biodegradable items that won’t wind up in a landfill. Here’s another link to fun RV holiday decor.

6) Still not convinced? If you’re RVing during the big holiday week, you’re buying yourself some time to purchase gifts for extended family — and you’ll be able to cash in on massive post-New Year clearance sales. It’s a win all around!


7) Take holiday photos you’ll really treasure. Pass on the badly lit family photo by the old 1984 plastic Christmas tree, and capture your RV crew in front of a redwood tree or a desert cactus instead. Or stay at a Christmas tree farm! 

Happy Holidays!

RV holidays can be whatever you want them to be. Are you stumped for holiday inspiration? Try these great travel links: 

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From all of us at Castle RV, have a wonderful holiday season of family, friends, and RV fun – and be sure to send us a postcard along with Aunt Bessie’s!

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